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Vitamins and Supplements: The physicians of Urology Care have fielded numerous questions about vitamins and supplements. The shelves of local pharmacies are filled with a bewildering array of supplements. Many patients are confused as to the appropriate doses of various Urologic vitamins. For this reason, Urology Care has teamed up with Theralogix to provide science based nutritional supplements.

Theralogix Medical Advisory board is composed of leading experts from Cornell University, George Washington University, Tulane University School of Medicine, the University of California at Davis, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Duke University School of Medicine, Stony Brook University Hospital and Georgetown University School of Medicine. This advisory board meets quarterly to review the latest published clinical studies and makes recommendations regarding Theralogix supplements. This ensures that each Theralogix supplement reflects the most current scientific evidence. Each supplement product is certified by NSF International, a not for profit organization that represents the highest quality control standards in the supplements industry.

TheralogixThose patients of Urology Care who desire vitamins and supplements, may order them if they so choose.

Click HERE to learn more at the Theralogix Website.